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Can You Apply for Bail for the Reason of Marriage in USA?

can you apply for bail for the reason of marriage in usa?

Getting married is exciting, but what if you or your partner is in jail awaiting trial? Can you apply for bail to attend your wedding ceremony? Here's a concise look at the process:

  • Marriage alone is not typically a reason for bail release

  • However, it can be cited as a mitigating circumstance

  • The judge considers factors like flight risk, danger to the community, etc.

  • Having a stable marriage and family ties can help support release

  • You'll need to formally request a bail hearing with the court

Is getting a temporary bail release for your wedding a possibility? Let's explore the specifics.

Understanding Bail and Pretrial Release

Bail is a set amount of money defendants must pay as a guarantee they will return for future court dates. It helps ensure public safety and prevents flight risks. Bail can be denied of severe charges or if the defendant is considered a threat.

Constitutional Rights and Bail

The 8th Amendment prohibits excessive bail but does not guarantee an absolute right to bail. Criminal defendants have a substantial liberty interest, but judicial discretion can restrict pretrial release.

Factors Considered for Release

Judges weigh several factors when deciding bail, including:

  • Nature and circumstances of the offense

  • Weight of the evidence against the defendant

  • Family ties and community connections

  • Employment, financial resources, and character

  • Criminal history and failures to appear

  • Whether they are a flight risk or danger to others

Marriage and family obligations like a wedding can help demonstrate stable community ties, reducing risks of non-appearance.

The Bail Review Process

To request bail for a wedding or other important event requires filing a formal motion with the court for a bail review hearing. The defense must present legitimate reasons for temporary release.

Building Your Case for Release

Some supporting evidence courts may consider:

  • Letters from family, spouse, and employer vouching your character

  • Proof of marriage license or wedding date

  • Travel plans and strict itinerary

  • Agreeing to monitoring devices, curfews, or third-party custody

The burden is on the defendant to prove they will not flee or pose any risk. Having a stable marriage and home to return to can work in your favor.

Bail Review Hearing

At the hearing, both the prosecution and defense argue their positions. The judge will weigh if the benefits of temporary release outweigh any potential dangers. Release conditions like travel restrictions may apply.

It's extremely difficult to get bail solely to get married. However, presenting it as part of a larger picture and demonstrating deep community ties can help persuade the court.

Additional Marriage and Bail Factors

Immigration Detainees

For undocumented immigrants in ICE custody, marriage to a U.S. citizen alone does not prevent detention or provide grounds for release. The process is complicated.

Bail Bond Companies

Those struggling to afford bail can seek assistance from a bail bondsman service near you. They'll post a bond to secure temporary release, but this comes with fees and collateral requirements.

Timing Matters

Don't wait until the last minute - courts need adequate time to review the request. File for a bail review hearing as early as possible, especially for weddings.


Can you get out of jail for your wedding day? 

It's possible but tough to get temporary release solely for a marriage ceremony. You'll need to formally request a bail review hearing and convince the judge you aren't a flight risk or danger.

Does being married help with bail? 

Having a stable marriage and home life demonstrates community ties, which judges see as a factor reducing flight risks. It doesn't guarantee release but can help your case.

Can you bond someone out just to get married? 

You can try applying for bail in order to get married, but the court will consider your charges, evidence, criminal history, and other factors beyond just the marriage itself.

How much is a bail bond for marriage? 

Bail bond costs vary drastically based on the charges, bail amount set, state laws, and the specific bail bond company's fees and practices.

Can your marriage plans overcome concerns about pretrial release? Let's continue the discussion in the comments!


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