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Paying a Bail Bond Agent or a Lawyer, or Both?

bail bond agent or a lawyer

To present their case in front of a jury and fight it the legal way, every defendant needs:

  1. A bail bondsman can get you out of jail easily.

  2. A lawyer who delivers an expert legal opinion.

If a defendant has no legal fees and can pay his bail, that's not a bad option. On the other hand, if he is going to serve time in jail or prison and chooses to hire a lawyer, his overall bail amount will eventually increase beyond the amount he can afford.

Let's take you through the details of the costs.

Getting a Bail Bond

Depending on the type of bail bond you need, a bail bond agent can set the price, provide all the necessary information about your charges and performance, assess your character and competency, and negotiate with other vendors currently offering different payment options.

Many factors are involved in deciding on the size and type of surety bonds you need. This process can be complicated or simply tedious. A savvy financial advisor can help you use your mind to make a quick decision based on how much collateral is needed and how much amortization will be required with the types of bonds being considered.

A surety bond is much cheaper than a personal recognizance bond—except if you need to pay on behalf of yourself.

Cash bonds help provide peace of mind to a party, who will have to deposit a certain amount of cash or money and give you full possession back after they have cleared all their dues.

Should You Pay a Lawyer Instead?

should you pay a lawyer

By assuming the position of the lawyer to such a large debt, you are equivalent to hurting yourself financially, so if you feel it would be best if you paid this debt in full and committed yourself to paying off that outstanding bond by the end of next month, consider doing so.

As you're constantly looking for legal cases, keep an eye on your law firm's legal action pages to see when a lawsuit moves forward. Their success rate is pretty good and will always depend on the lawyer—if he or she is worth helping out.

A lawyer can convert a cash bond into a surety bond for you to sign personally. She will also release you on personal recognizance.

In conclusion

There are very few bail bondsmen that guarantee your safety. They take partial or complete on the risk of harm from the defaulted debtor. Even though you are afraid to go to police headquarters in the middle of the night and ask them politely to come to arrest you, the bail bond agent that is closest to your schedule will do it for an hourly fee. This helps with both efficient business and safely ensures that courthouse security stays in check. At the same time, bail can be expensive for these agents.

They are the ones who work hard to collect the right amount of bail money and hence are a professional bail bond agent.

For reliable, affordable, and state-compliant bail bonds in Mocksville, NC, get in touch with Barrino Bail Bonds. We offer a holistic suite of bail bond services in North Carolina. Give us a call at 877-730-0963.


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