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Is It Possible To Get My Bail Money Back?

get bail money back

Prices for bail bonds can be higher, sometimes exorbitantly so for you and your friend. These contracts include high fees and penalties if the bond is not honored and is often unpaid.

There are great advantages to having your bail bonds held in reserve by a trusted friend or loved one could be money well spent, and your family would agree.

This simple guide will give you an idea of whether or not you should have your bail bond money returned to you.

Surety Bail

A surety bond guarantees the fulfillment of an obligation, and is paid when the principal does not pay or comply with the terms of a contract. The principal must pay the obligor on a bond to ensure that they will perform a certain obligation.

Cash Bail

cash bail

If you were convicted of the charges and would have to pay a fine following those accusations but still be given bail, then the court keeps that money as part of your court costs. If the accused makes another appearance, there may be further charges that can jeopardize your civil case. Your barrister may also file a criminal complaint against you! If a defendant is found guilty, the suitor endures a large fine and may be subject to jail time.

Property Bond

If you secured a property bond, you achieved a return on your property investment. This allows you to allow compensation payments after the case is resolved or reached a conclusion.

Find a Trusted Bail Bond Agent

Barrino Bail Bonds provides clients with the best bail bond services in Mocksville, NC. Since its incorporation, it has been a trusted brand in the category, and its number of clients is thousands each year.

We offer the most elevated quality service at a fair price. If you need to hire us either as an agent or a consultant, contact us today!

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