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What Can Types of Collateral Be Used To Get a Bail Bond?

what can types of collateral be used to get a bail bond

Being arrested can be a scary experience, leading to anxiety and worry. You must get through this process quickly, as the outcome will determine your future. Bail is a type of monetary payment requesting the release of an individual from the prison system. When someone is locked up in jail and gets out, they typically owe money or owe some restitution. Requiring bail means that there are many ways to get free, and thousands of individuals do it all year long, each minute, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In most cases, bail bonds will only cost you 10% of the total amount to the courts. However, it can sometimes take time to gather this amount of money. It should be easy to have this percentage work out in your favor, given that you already have all the necessary information.

bail bondsman

Bail Bondsman holds collateral by doling out cash for a set amount of time following the release of the person being held, either because he or she cannot post bail or fails to attend court. Collateral may include any items of value, including:

  • Real estate - There's always a chance that a house or piece of property might be resold in the future, with no bond needed to transfer title and often no lien put on the property serving as collateral. DO NOT attach a home equity bond if you own real estate or are tempted to do so! A person can spend their bail in several ways, including paying the amount due to their landlord or paying back any outstanding debt to lenders.

  • Vehicles - The titles and positions of automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles may be turned over to a bail bondsman. These vehicles may be used as collateral for the loan money or cash deposit. Other vehicles, such as boats, dirt bikes, ATVs, or jet skis, may be used as collateral.

  • Stocks, bonds, and other investments - This is done to fleece victims with heavy debts and stop them from defaulting. Any asset owned by the victim that can be pledged as collateral for the bail bond company is seized.

  • Jewelry and other valuables - A bail bondsman or other financial adviser holds wedding rings, gold watches, jewelry, and other valuable items that may be used as collateral for a loan.

  • Electronics - A bail agent may temporarily possess devices such as TVs, computers, video game systems, or smartwatches.

  • Firearms - Firearms and other weapons may be worth thousands of dollars. The bail bond agent may hold these assets as collateral if they cannot pay.

Contact a Reliable Bail Bondsman

reliable bail bondsman

At Barrino Bail Bonds, everyone should be able to afford to get out of jail. We will work with you to determine the most affordable options for receiving a bail bond. We offer a high-level service to you in the search for suitable collateral, preferably one that is not subject to any restriction.

We will look for exactly what you need and can recommend an exact solution for your specific requirements. We never check the credit status of people involved in these transactions, which helps you avoid getting into legal difficulties. To learn how we can help you post bail for yourself or a loved one, contact our bail bond agent at 877-730-0963.


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